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A towering influence

I'm a bit of a fan of classic horror and science fiction; but oddly, although I've heard much about him, I have read very little by the American horror writer, H.P. Lovecraft. A remote gipsy caravan in West Wales seemed like the ideal place to start a closer association with him.

My starting point for Lovecraft was Vintage's anthology - The call of Cthulhu and other weird tales. Besides Call of Cthulhu, the volume also includes The rats in the walls (one of the few Lovecraft tales that I had read previously, though I had forgotten quite how horrifying it was), The Dunwich horror, The nameless city, The shadow over Innsmouth, The whisperer in darkness, The festival, At the mountains of madness, as well as The picture in the house, The thing on the doorstep and The haunter of the dark.

The first group (with the exception of Rats in the walls) are a mix of sci-fi and horror as alien life forms come down to earth are either inadvertently brought back to life, or, suddenly dec…

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