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Naples '44

Norman Lewis's Naples '44 : an Intelligence Officer in the Italian Labyrinth has been described as "one of the great personal memoirs of the Second World War". Published 30 years after the events portrayed, but largely produced from diaries kept at the time, Naples '44, is a, at times, sickening account of the evils of conflict, as the barbarities of war affect both sides with impartiality.

Lewis was a sergeant in the Field Security Service of the British Army Intelligence Corps. He had previously served in North Africa, and was sent to Southern Italy in late 1943, spending much of the next 18 months based in and around Naples. The city had been devastated by Allied bombing - it was the most bombed Italian city of the Second World War. Families had been torn apart, with a high percentage of men missing presumed dead. Corruption was rife, American forces in the city had little idea of who to trust, and justice was seen to be dependent on who you knew - high-scale …

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