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And in an instant....

A couple of things over the last month have made me muse over the fragility of life. You may think you know where you're going, and what's going to happen but in an instant life can change remarkably and forever. I think everyone in the UK (and probably further afield) has been struck by the horrible tower-block fire at the Grenfell Tower, North Kensington. Besides the sheer waste of life, the numbers of dead and injured, the horrendous stories that appear to suggest that this fire didn't need to take hold the way it did, the inevitable references back to the fears of the film The Towering Inferno (how prophetic 45 years on), dying in this way must rank high up in many people's fears of the worst way to meet your end. Sat down in front of the telly that night, cooking their dinners, reading the kids a bedtime story, or snuggling up for the night thinking about that job that needs to be done tomorrow, that conversation you're not looking forward to, that date that …

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